INFOCUS Glass is the perfect solution for your kitchen and bar backsplash, providing a truly captivating look that is practically maintenance free. A full sheet material such as back painted glass is custom fabricated in our company owned facility with state of the art machinery. The sky is the limit by offering unlimited color choices and professional installation to include every detail such as matching painted cover plates. No grout, no stains on walls, just gorgeous glass that has vibrant color and is easy to clean! Find out what leading interior designers and architects already know and see just how beautiful and affordable INFOCUS Glass will be for your home.

Want to try our acrylic backsplash in Dubai? INFOCUS offers various backsplash tiles in Dubai and back painted glass, Dubai

  • Brilliant Colour
  • Hygienic
  • Grout-Free
kitchen backsplash dubai by INFOCUS Glass & Aluminum Works

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