Welcome to INFOCUS Hotel Supplies. Where we’re here to make your hotel experience extra special. With ten years of know-how, INFOCUS is a top choice for hotels. We are serving valued clients in the GCC region with the best supplies.

About INFOCUS Hotel Supplies

At INFOCUS, we’re proud to be experts in providing good stuff for hotels. We send out quality products designed just for hotels. This makes sure they have everything they need. Our promise of being really good at what we do makes us stand out in the world of hotel supply. Because it’s not only a promise it’s the results we give out.

Our Products

At INFOCUS Hotel Supplies, we’re proud to offer lots of things to make your guests happy and comfy. Here’s what we have:

Luggage Rack: Make your guests’ stuff neat and tidy with our strong luggage racks. They give a good spot for luggage, so the room stays clean and organized.
Fan: Our fans make the room just the way your guests like it. A nice breeze keeps them comfy during their stay.
Tea & Coffee Making Facilities:
 We help your guests feel at home with easy tea and coffee makers in their rooms. It’s a nice way for them to relax and enjoy a hot drink whenever they want.
Iron & Ironing Board: We make sure your guests always look sharp with our irons and ironing boards. Great for folks who like their clothes nice and smooth.
Wardrobe & Hangers: Our closets with lots of hangers give guests a tidy place for their clothes.
Hairdryer: No need for guests to bring their own hair dryers. We provide them to make it easy for them to keep their hair looking good.
Table Lamp: Make the room cozy with our cool table lamps. They add a warm feeling to how the room looks.
Toiletries: We give guests free toiletries with all the important stuff for a nice shower.
Dental Kit: For a quick clean of the teeth, we provide dental kits with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
Shaving Kit: Help guests look sharp with our shaving kits. They’ve got what’s needed for a smooth shave.
Bathrobe & Slippers:
 Make your guests feel fancy with our soft bathrobes and comfy slippers. Perfect for relaxing after a busy day.
Laundry Bag: Keep things tidy with our handy laundry bags. Guests can use them to keep their dirty clothes separate and easy to handle.
Safe Deposit Box: We take care of your guests’ important stuff with our safe deposit boxes. So they can have peace of mind during their stay.

Our friends all around the world help INFOCUS grow. We’re always expanding to new places and meeting the needs of the world. INFOCUS adds a little extra to everything we do. Making sure our clients get the best service and products.

Choose INFOCUS Hotel Supplies as your buddy in making your hotel even better. Contact us today to see all the cool stuff we offer and talk about how we can make your guests’ experience awesome.