Interactive Multi-Touch Table

Embrace the Future with INFOCUS!

Welcome to INFOCUS, where we’re bringing the future of interactive tech to Dubai’s tables and walls. Let’s see how our magic touch tech, fitting into displays of any size and shape, is changing things. Together, let’s dive into the future!

Unlimited Touch Magic

At INFOCUS, we took the cool touch stuff from phones and made it big for tables and walls. Imagine your surfaces coming alive with fun things to do. Our touch tech breaks the limits, offering endless ways to play and learn.

Displays for Any Style

No more sticking to regular sizes. INFOCUS gives you displays that can be any size or shape you want. Whether it’s a neat table or a cool wall, our tech turns surfaces into places you can play with.

interactive multi touch table dubai by INFOCUS Glass & Aluminum Works
interactive multi touch table dubai by INFOCUS Glass & Aluminum Works

Fun Software for Everyone

With our fancy hardware and cool software, INFOCUS makes tech fun. Work together, make things, and have fun easily. Our software opens up a world of things to do, making tech easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Control with Your Hands

Wave goodbye to old devices like mice and keyboards. With INFOCUS, you control things with your hands—literally. Your hands do the talking, and you get it right away. Moving through tech has never been easier.

Bye-Bye Mouse and Keyboard

In INFOCUS land, the mouse and keyboard are old stuff. We like to keep tech simple. Get ready for a future where your hands do the talking, and the real and digital worlds come together.

A New Experience

Our magic tables change how you use tech. It’s not just gadgets; it’s like going on an adventure. Whether you’re in a meeting, a class, or a public spot. INFOCUS tables make a place where ideas flow, and everyone can join in.

No More Language Confusion

INFOCUS tech speaks a language everyone knows—touch. It doesn’t matter what language you speak; our tech is easy for everyone. Touch the future without needing a manual.

Your Tech, Your Way

INFOCUS knows every place is different. That’s why our tech can change to fit what you need. From big meetings to school days, our interactive tables work for all kinds of stuff.

Start Your INFOCUS Adventure

In short, INFOCUS wants you to start a journey where tech has no limits. Say hi to a world where touch is how we connect with gadgets. Come with us in Dubai as we touch the future together.