Very cool and unusual, printing on metal produces a sleek, contemporary & vibrant look. This printing process can really differentiate your work from photographic paper and canvas prints. Water and weatherproof, it makes them ideal for pool houses, man caves, garages, kitchens and bathrooms. INFOCUS has the ability to print the image with a white base giving your images a true to life look. Printing on metal without the white base will allow the metal to show thru in the white areas thus taking on the character of the metal substrate. 

Metal Sheets for Plaques and Displays 

Along with the metal display prints listed above INFOCUS can can imprint different metal substrates from brass to aluminum. We can paint or finish aluminum, which is available in different thicknesses and print directly to the final plaques. Excellent in exterior settings like gardens, zoos, nature trails and aquariums. These plaques can tell a story about an animal or feature and have a full color picture of the animal printed directly next to the description. 

Need to dedicate a garden create, show a hiking trail, create a donor plaque, the applications are endless. 

Metal printing is great to set your booth off at trade shows. Imprint a logo, graphic or product on shaped, distressed, risers or metal displays.