INFOCUS is one of the best glass partition company in Dubai providing smart glass, Dubai and precision cut glass partitioning solutions that are perfectly fabricated.

Printing on glass is made possible by INFOCUS UV flatbed printing technology. Now images are not contained to pieces of paper. Glass tables, Glass space dividers, glass displays all come to life when you brand or print a full color image to it. 

INFOCUS has the ability to image 9 colors including white directly to the glass. You can achieve double sided color images or control the opacity to create a mood as you peer thru the glass itself. This amazing imaging technology can be used to brand glass in a display counter or entrance way. 

At trade shows, imprint a message or application onto the glass shelves in a showcase or even create counter top displays that will get potential customers attention. Present your brand or message to your customers in class by printing it on glass. 

Printing White Ink allows for Image Versatility… With the ability to print Full 4/C color as well as White ink the possibilities are endless. Try printing the colors in layer combinations like: using 4/C + white + 4/C on clear material can be perfect for a 2 sided displays. Printing 4/C + 4/C + White can produce color saturated stunning transparencies or rear illuminated displays. Try 4/C + Spot White + 4/C can allow you to have different messages on both sides of the glass but allow a translucent “see Thru” effect on maybe flowing fabrics. Leave areas clear when printing on Plexiglass and Acrylic or even Glass. 

Think of the versatility and flexibility that a designer has, when they have input on color control. Teamed with our technicians we can implement your vision and the results are truly amazing.

We are a glass door supplier in UAE, full solution for the doors and windows.

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