INFOCUS kiosks are manufactured with a toughened glass fascia, making it suitable as a Digital Signage or Information Terminal solution in public environments. And the integrated timer allows you to assign daily or weekly schedules automatically powering down the kiosk when not in use.
This portrait display offers users, customers and audiences an opportunity to view and engage with chosen information or content, assisting with communicating your brand message, increasing footfall, increasing sales in a self-service kiosk application and improving the overall sales experience. A well-placed quality kiosk can make the difference, offering your audience a memorable and effective journey.
Custom branding allows you to include your company’s logo and colour theme as part of the display, enforcing your brand message and helping your store stand out from the crowd.
kiosks dubai by INFOCUS Glass & Aluminum Works
kiosks dubai by INFOCUS Glass & Aluminum Works.
interactive multi touch table dubai slider image for INFOCUS Glass & Aluminum Works