Experience the magic at your home with InFocus! We’re adding some magic with our amazing aluminum services right here in the UAE.

Experience the magic at your home with InFocus! We’re adding some magic with our amazing aluminum services right here in the UAE.

Discover some incredible, creative, and joyful vibes when you choose us. It’s not only about putting things together. It’s about making something extra special for your space. Imagine creating something unique that makes your place feel remarkable. Ready to make your space stand out and shine with happiness?  We’ll turn your place into a magical haven!

Aluminum doors:

Aluminum Doors at InFocus are strong and sturdy. Made from top-notch aluminum bits that guarantee you sustainability.We’ve got a bunch of profiles that can solve all your residential and light business door needs. It’s like a menu of options, but for doors!

You know what’s even better? Our Aluminum doors bring the heat and coziness to your home. They are like the superheroes of thermal efficiency! Making sure your heating bills take a chill pill. This high-tech magic cuts down on heat escape and adds a ton of value to our products. So, your doors aren’t only doors; they’re warm hugs for your home.


InFocus offers a wide range of louver systems for ventilation, shading, and style. Either walled or fixed, our louvers come with various options for frames and mounts.

Infocus louvers includes:

  • Air louvers
  • Wall louvers
  • Architectural louvers
  • Panels

Louvers in-wall installation allows air while keeping out unwanted elements. Choose the type of louver based on your needs. They not only add functionality but beauty to spaces.With us, expect durable finished louvers tailored to your specific needs. Let’s enhance your space together! You’re guaranteed expert craftsmanship, the best prices, and top-notch service.

Aluminum Pergolas:

Cool shade spots for your outdoor hangout. Forget wooden headaches—our aluminum versions feel like wood but last way longer. They’re weather-resistant and can jazz up your garden or create a cozy nook. Let’s turn your space into a chill haven!

Pergolas are versatile – use them for car shade, in your garden, or even at your business spot. You can customize these aluminum wonders to fit wherever you want. Perfect for family gatherings or sheltering your car! Make your space awesome with a pergola!

Aluminium Railings and Balustrades:

We bring you a variety of Handrails and Balustrades. Choose from different designs and finishes including:

  • Brushed
  • Powder-coated
  • Wood
  • Anodized

Our Aluminum Handrails and Balustrades beat wood in both style and cost. We create and install them based on your needs, making your space stand out. Whether it’s your home or business, we’re here to make it awesome. Excellence in design, quality, and installation – that’s the Infocus way!

Aluminum Partitions:

We bring you Aluminum Partition Walls – super flexible for any layout you fancy.

These walls are rock-solid, whether you want them solid or with glass sections. Mix and match with your interior style. Pick from a bunch of finishes and colors, from anodizing to powder coating. Let your creativity shine!

And guess what? These walls let in natural light, saving energy on lights. Privacy? Covered, without losing that sunny feel.